Thursday, May 14, 2020

How Top CEOs Use Twitter for Branding - Executive Career Brandâ„¢

How Top CEOs Use Twitter for Branding Business Weeks article, CEOs Take on Twitter, compares 18 savvy chief executives who include the microblogging site in their personal brand and company brand communications plan. Among the CEOs they looked at who make tweeting part of their daily routine are leaders in marketing, publishing, and retail. Heres a taste of the CEOs whose Twitter pages vital signs were assessed and compared, and what they said about how Twitter helps them run their companies: Tony Hsieh of Zappo (@Zappos on Twitter) I [suggested] it to the rest of the company, initially just to help build our company cultureâ€"employees are more likely to meet up outside the office and get a perspective on each other outside the office. Now a lot of customers know [we] are on it as well, and its a good way for them to get insight into our personality and culture. Recent tweet: Poll: Is the Naked People banner on our home page at offensive? (A customer complained) Tim OReilly of OReilly Media (@timoreilly on Twitter) Twitter is a great way to watch the alpha geeks, which is my shorthand way of saying that a lot of what we do at OReilly is pay attention to people at the edge and look for technologies that are ready to move from the edge to the mainstream that we can help along by publishing, conferences, magazines, online publishing, or activism. Theres this great William Gibson line that I use all the time: The future is here. Its just not evenly distributed yet. And sometimes we describe what we do at OReilly as redistributing the future and helping it to get here more quickly. Recent tweet: Raven Zachary, Bill Dudney, and the OReilly Conf team working hard on the site for the new iPhone event. Hopefully announce it this week! Christine Perkett of PerkettPR (@missusP on Twitter) We tweet about our own industry insights, technology, PR, and moreâ€"and people have been receptive and responsive. We feel weve earned a new respect as communications professionals in this way. Weve had the advantage of receiving first mover informationâ€"benefiting both our agency and our clientsâ€"by connecting with reporters who often tweet about what their stories are going to be before anyone else knows about them (like this one!) and analysts/influencersâ€"some of whom have shared early insights into reports or other important information that they only offered to their Twitter followers. Recent tweet: Have you seen a

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