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7 Married Women Tell Us Why They Did or Didnt Merge Finances With Their Partner

7 Married Women Tell Us Why They Did or Didnt Merge Finances With Their Partner So youve tied the knot but are have youtied together yur finances, too?Tons of couples choose to consolidate their finances for a gamut of reasons to grow their investments quicker,to mora easily manage shared household expenses, to build trust and display commitment,among other reasons. But according to a recent study, one in three American adults have assumed all or partial responsibility for debt as a result of a romantic relationship, taking on an average of $11,485 per part. That adds up to $250 1000 milliarden collectively, which suggests that couples arent quite grasping the potential consequences of merging finances.Even if neither partner is in debt when entering the relationship, situations change as life progresses, saysJennifer McDermott, the consumer advocate for personal finance comparison website, We caught up with seven married women to explain why they have or have not merg ed their finances with their partners. Heres what they had to say.1. No To Avoid Any Potential HeadachesWe decided to keep ur finances separate we do an end of month accounting exercise where we split all expenses that are for the household groceries, rent, electricity, insurance, cable, furniture or household items and supplies etc. and the rest is kept separate, says Shiwali Varshney, found of Conure, LLC. We do not have a joint account either. We actually signed a post-nuptial agreement, as well, so that we keep non-marital assets separate and do not want much from each other but emotional support, love and companionship. Why? I welches married before and had a joint account with my ex-husband. I didnt think anything of it. All my salary welches going to that joint account. I didnt realize that my ex-husband could move the money without my permission from that account. So when I decided to leave him, thefirst thing he did was empty that account.I left him with $1,000 on me, whic h by some stroke of genius, I had put in a separate account. I didnt get any support, even though I was going to business school as the first lawyer I hired was not good. I finally did get half of what I earned while I was married to him, but it was much later and I had to figure out the way to live during that time.2. No To Work Together as a TeamMy husband and I have avery different wayof splitting bills that most other couples we know weve managed to build our combined wealth considerably from very little to almost $6 million in assets and counting, says Swati Davidson, a business and success coach. Weve got two kids, many houses and a very nice lifestyle now. Unlike most couples we know, we have a different approach to money (along with pretty much everything else like household work, kids, etc).We refuse to focus on equal, yet we both feel that that things are very fair. We find it odd when people intently split things like money and household responsibilities. For example, ho w can I put a value on carrying kids for nine months, nursing them and demand reciprocity? Instead When I was in corporate, I paid for the things that landed on my plate (food because I cooked, clothes for the kids, the nanny, household items, my own car, etc.). He paid for vacations, going out, our home, contractors and renovations, etc.After I quit to become an entrepreneur and part-time caregiver, he obviously picked up more (almost all direct expenses). We knew it was a short-term investment in my goals. But I still addedvalue cooked, pitched in more with the kids, took care of things that were easier to do since I had no set schedule. Now, Im taking on more because cash is coming in through my business. Ive taken over on expenses for the kids again, hosting more parties and covering the things in my world again. It works well And we never fight about money.3. Yes To More Easily Manage FinancesMy partner and I merged our finances shortly into our marriage because it made sense f or us, says Sarah Seright. It had always been my money and your money, but that became problematic when we moved in together. My partner struggles with money management, so his bank account was almost always empty. That left me rushing to pay his bills on time and shoving the extra on my leistungspunkt card every month. It didnt take long for us to realize that what we were doing wasnt working. The only accounts not stuck at zero were our credit cards, which were usually maxed. We now have the same bank account, credit card and phone plan. All of our bills are on auto pay, so we never have to worry about who is in dienstgrad of paying rent this month or Venmo-ing money back and forth. Merging our finances has saved us from thousands of money fights and kept us out of credit card debt.4. Yes To Show CommitmentWhen we married, we became as one in everything including finances, saysCyndi McConnell ofrespect, love and trust.Having joint accounts is a sign of commitment in a marriage. I f one isnt committed in the financial area, as well, then there isnt much of commitment in your marriage in other areas. Having separate accounts leaves to much to chance and distrust.5. Yes To Keep TrackMarried for over four and a half decades, we have always merged 3/4 of our paychecks to manage our household, says Carol Gee. We also opened individuals accounts that we managed separately with the remaining 1/4 as I have always believed it was important for each partner to have funds to spend as they wish. This gives each access, independence, freedom to spend as they wish aside from household funds. Merging accounts, we knew how much we had to pay our bills each month. Equally important was that one person paid the bills, verus one paying light bill, one the mortgage etc. to ensure all were paid when due. Having good credit and paying bills on time has always been very important to me. (At first, we tried both writing checks, my husband dropping the bills in the mailbox, etc.) bef ore online bill pay. Both were disasters with him forgetting how much he wrote a check for or forgetting to mail the bills). Using this method, over the years we bought a home, several cars, gone on several exotic trips has worked for us. I couldnt imagine doing it any other way.6. Yes To Establish TrustYes, I am married and merged finances with my husband, says Karen Ford. If a person marries, its because you trust them. If I cant trust my husband, then why would I have married him? We both talk finances, budget together and discuss financial decisions.7. Yes To Avoid the HassleI never questioned my decision to combine finances with my husband, says Tina Willis, an Orlando-based personal injury attorney, and owner of Tina Willis Law. Neither of us had much income or assets when we married 18 years ago. And I have never felt any loss of power or anything else from the fact that he technically controls the checkbook. To the contrary, Im glad he takes care of that aspect of our lives. If I want to buy something, I dont need his permission, and we make all major joint purchase decisions together. I just cannot imagine the hassle, either, and added complexity, of trying to divide finances. I mean, married couples presumably share the same mortgage (or rent), utility and other bills. So, again, what would dividing finances do other than give us all another job having to figure out which account paid what bill, or what percentage of that bill. What a mess and a hassle We have a hard enough time trying to keep track of business vs. personal expenses, and countless other bills. Paying those bills from two sources for a lifetime seems like a nightmare.--AnnaMarie Houlis is a multimedia journalist and an adventure aficionado with a keen cultural curiosity and an affinity for solo travel. Shes an editor by day and a travel blogger at by night.

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The Indisputable Truth About Professional Resume Writing Services Gurgaon That No One Is Sharing With You

The Indisputable Truth About Professional Resume Writing Services Gurgaon That No One Is Sharing With You elend getting shortlisted as a result of a poorly written resume means that you may not even be called for the interview even if youre otherwise the most eligible candidate. Seven days of totally free revision period so you can get in contact with the executives to request needful alterations. Youve taken the proper decision to acquire your resume work done via the service and yes, they can help you a lot inside this issue. But in the majority of the instances, its been observed that people arent ready with their resume and existing resume isnt up to the mark. To get started writing any resume market research is vital. The resume writing services are now very relevant in the current corporate world. Choose from the assorted packages depending on your experience level and enhance the probability of getting hired. Avon Resumes isnt the proper vorkaufsrecht if you are foll owing a budget. This is observed that lots of job seeker dont understand how to begin with a resume. Highlights Of Find My Profession An ideal option for applicants that are anticipating applying for senior positions. Weve disciplined process in place for those employers to handle their recruitment needs efficiently. Avon Resumes is an intelligent alternative. This enables you to bear in mind what recruiters and HR professionals want and who all are your competitor. Weve got a dedicated team that are committed to the job. Weve got a group of writers that are experienced in CV writing and they are able to create CVs that speak to your prospective employer. For this, you should understand how to compose a professional resume properly. Drafting of final resume need a great deal of efforts thats accomplished by our experts depending on your profile, industry, role, competition analysis and a lot mora analysis. Its not about fitting your details to that ideal format.

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How to excel in a video interview

How to excel in a video bewerberbewerbungsgesprch How to excel in a video interviewPosted October 13, 2011, by Elissa Collier In todays global workplace more and more employers are opting for the Skype, Live Messenger or video interview. Lets face it it cuts down on travel expenses, saves on fuel (making it better for the environment) and provides the employer with a much quicker and easier way to find the perfect person for the position without the time-consuming face-to-face interview process. For the interviewee, though, being interviewed in front of a camera and microphone can be daunting. But, fear bedrngnis The video interview can be used to your advantage. Here are some tips on how to prepare and ultimately excel in a Skype interview. An interview is an interview Whether you are being interviewed on Skype, over the phone or in person, all the general rules of a job interview apply. Research the company, read the job description thoroughly, know your resume inside out and have a few answers for common interview questions prepared. Just because you are leid meeting the interviewer in the flesh doesnt mean any less preparation is involved. Fix yourself up Key to a video interview is making koranvers you look presentable. You might feel silly sitting at home wearing a suit and talking to a computer, but it will make all the difference. Not only will the interviewer think you look great and will already be picturing you in his/her workplace, it will help you to mentally prepare and get into a professional mode of thinking. During the interview it is highly likely that the interviewer will only be able to see your head and shoulders on the camera. With this in mind, dont neglect your bottom half. You never know, you may be required to get something from the other side of the room so save yourself the embarrassment of revealing your Scooby Doo boxers to your prospective new boss. Clean up your room Your surroundings can be just as important as your personal p resentation. Whether the interview is being conducted from your own home or a busy office environment, the interviewer does not want to see you sitting in front of a pile of junk. Clean up the room as you dont want anything in the background to distract the interviewer from what you have to say. Keep the noise down Finding a quiet place to do the interview is vital as the microphone picks up more background noise than you might think. Dogs barking, children crying, mobile phones or music are not welcome distractions when an interviewer is trying to determine whether you will be suitable for a job. Nor does it look good if you have people walking in and out of the room if need be, make yourself a do not disturb sign and stick it on the door. Get the technology right Five minutes before the video interview is not a good time to realise that your Internet is down, Skype isnt working, or your pet rabbit has chewed through the microphone cord. Not only does this reflect badly on your or ganisational skills, it will cost the interviewer precious time as they will most likely have to reschedule. Getting the technology right is crucial as it can either make you look like a reliable computer whiz, or somebody who cant quite get the hang of it. Allow plenty of time before the interview to test all equipment. If possible, try to Skype a friend beforehand and get them to give you some feedback. Can you see/hear them? Can they see/hear you? Is the picture clear? Is the lighting OK? Is there much background noise? Practice makes perfect Try recording yourself before the interview to make sure everything is working and practice answering some imaginary questions. While you might feel silly, it will help build up your confidence for the real thing. Also keep in mind that the employer is able to record the entire interview on their computer, so everything needs to run smoothly. Lights, camera, action The golden rule with a Skype interview is to treat it like any other face-to- face meeting. There is a real person on the other end of the call, so treat them like one. Smiling is a big one this makes you look positive, confident and enthusiastic about the job you are applying for. Try to make eye contact look straight into the camera when you are talking, as this will make the interviewer feel as if you are speaking directly to them, despite being hundreds of kilometres away. Dont shout, but do speak loudly and clearly. Sometimes with video calls there may be a delay with the picture so a clear speaking voice is extremely important. But most of all, relax. By the time you have done your research, know your stuff and look great, all you have to do now is work the camera, baby ResourcesMy first resumeCover letter for my first jobCareer Insider StoriesShelley Lask - Body Positive Health & FitnessInterested in becoming a?Human Resources OfficerGeneral ManagerBusiness ManagerAccountantOffice AdministratorPopular Career Searchesassistant in nursing (ain) intervie w questions and answersjava interview questionsenrolled nurse interview questions and answerselectrician interview questions and answersbuilding consultant interview questions and answers CoursesBachelor of Social WorkEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Health AdministrationEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Criminal JusticeEnquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate III in Allied Health AssistanceEnquire Online Enquire OnlineElissa CollierRelated ArticlesBrowse moreCAREER ADVICEHabitsHow To Be More ConfidentNot a confident person? This articles for you Here are 5 simple habits you can pick up that will instantly boost your confidence levels.HospitalityIf you can stand the heat, get into the kitchenWith the success of shows such as MasterChef and My Restaurant Rules, the hospitality industry has been put under the spotlight and it seems that people like what they see.BusinessCareer progressionHow to succeed in geschftliches miteinander without really tryingDo you wan t to make your way up the corporate ladder with the least amount of effort? Here are a few tips to help you get to the top.

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10 Worst Job Interview Stories Ever Happened to Hiring Managers

10 Worst Job Interview Stories Ever Happened to Hiring Managers10 Worst Job Interview Stories Ever Happened to Hiring ManagersDo you know what is the main point of all low- to mid-level job vorstellungsgesprchs? To let employers see if yure a relatively normal human being. Sounds easy, right? After all, anyone capable of writing a decent resume must be a well-functioning individual. Still, recruiters know very well why they dont hire based on a resume alone. We bring you the list of the 10 worst job interview stories that have ever happened to hiring managers.These stories range from an applicant who let out an epic fart during an interview, to a man who refused to take off his motorcycle helmet. The utter lack of self-awareness on their part is simply baffling.In any case, take this list of the worst job interview stories as an encouragement for the next time you feel nervous about an interview. After all, succeeding at an interview is no rocket science. If you dress well, stay hone st, and have some manners, tzu siches no way you wont make a great impression on a hiring manager. And if youre not satisfied with not being terrible, check out our tips for acing job interviews with flair.1. Texted his mother.Oh god, I have a million. Most recent welches a guy who filled out his application via texts from his mother. He would take a picture of the question on the app and she would text him back the answer. He took an hour to fill out a two page basic application. - kibara at studypool.com2. A flatulent applicant.This one however really took my breath away, literally almost. Now Ive had people swear, cry, laugh, burp, make phone calls, leave the room so full of BO that we quarantined it off for over an hour. This person, took the cake however.Mid-way through our interview, in a fairly serious moment, this persons body decided it welches time to expel some excess air, no he didnt burp. Now this was loud, extremely audible, in so much as the receptionist asked me a qu estion about this noise after the interview. My candidate continued on like nothing had happened, no smirk, no oops or excuse me nothing.I am rarely lost for words but this one stumped me. - Dan Nuroo at recrutingblogs.com3. Acted like he knew Bill Gates.My candidate had an outstanding IT resume and I was anxious to meet with him in person.When we were meeting, he constantly looked at his watch. Finally, I asked him if he had another commitment and he responded that he was waiting for a phone call from Bill. You know who Bill is, right? he demanded. I told him that I did not who he was referring to.Bill Gates, as in Microsoft, he shouted. At this time, I encouraged him to go and take his call from the owner of Microsoft and he replied that Bill would leave him a message as he always does.I determined that he was trying to impress me, but he was really starting to scare me, and it backfired. He became very irate at the end of our meeting when he could see I wasnt impressed nor was I buying his story. After he left, he threatened me when he called me from the parking lot. I know where your office is and youre going to be sorry Sorry that I met himyes. Sorry that I didnt hire him, NO - Kate Purdy at recruitingblogs.com4. If you dont take off your helmet, youre set up for the worst job interview ever.Mine would have to be the guy that came in wearing a motorcycle helmet. Instead of taking it off, he just flipped the visor up during the interview. - Ryan Tweedy at recruitingblogs.com5. Eating and interviewing? She can multi-task.Not a recruiter but I am a restaurant manager. We were opening a new location and doing interviews. Woman comes in for a management lokalitt. During the interview, she reaches into her purse and pulls out a bag from Wendys and starts eating. The other manager tells her to put it away and she tells him it is okay, she can multi-task. - Mynameisinuse at reddit.com6. Applied for a promotion, got fired.I once sat in on an interviewers debrief for a large organisation where you need professional skills. They were open to recruiting internally for a new position at a higher level, so a few people already in the organisation at a slightly lower level applied and were interviewed that day.One candidate performed so poorly in the interview and demonstrated such a severe lack of skill, not only did she not get the new position, they decided to have a private meeting about whether or not to fire her from the job she already had.That was in my view, a really terrible interview. - Waitingforadragon at reddit.com7. Brought her meth-head boyfriend.Ive had people bring their dogs with them to the interview, people faint, and someone leave a chair soaked with menstrual blood after their interview.But my worst was last week a woman brought her meth head boyfriend who made her leave early and proceeded to beat her outside our windows. We had to call the police. - HR_bot at reddit.com8. The Not-Sure-How-To-Call-This.I work in a fina ncial institution I had a person say that they cannot work more that 4 hours a day and only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She did not want to interfere with her Welfare Benefits. She also asked what we do if there is cash missing at the end of a shift. - mjmurphy984 at reddit.com9. He was too serious about his naps.I had a recent college grad interview for a job. Asked if we had a nap room. Said his doctor required him to take an hour nap a day. If he got hired he will provide the appropriate medical records but requires a nap room.He also asked if when he got hired if he would be one of the bosses of the developers who interviewed him. I asked why and he said he felt off about the developer and said he would let him go. He then asked where his office would be located and whether they would compensate him with stock options or ownership.Finally he ended the interview saying he had an 3pm appointment and it was nice talking to me. I asked him to leave. He was applying for an entry l evel support analyst position. - mgoode87 at reddit.com10. She gave her previous boss herpes.I once interviewed a woman who kept flirting with me, touching me, telling me how she was willing to anything for this job, wink, etc. She was sort of attractive, but I sure as hell wasnt interested. Then came the clincherMe What made you leave your previous position?Her My boss fired me because I gave him herpes. - kibara at studypool.comShare Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments

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Foreign Language Jobs

Foreign Language JobsForeign Language JobsGlobalization has resulted in a world that seems to be getting smaller and smaller with each passing year. As goods and services flow mora freely internationally, and people immigrate to countries where aelendher language is the primary one, so does the need for workers who are bilingual, or even multilingual. Here are nine of the best foreign language jobs based on job outlook predictions by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Fluency in a foreign language is mandatory to work in some of these careers- without it, it is impossible to perform the job duties. It is helpful to be bilingual for other occupations on this list, but it is not a requirement for all positions. Fluency in a foreign language, however, may make an applicant a more competitive candidate and will qualify them for a job that requires it. The chart below illustrates the best foreign language jobs, determined by salary and growth rate. Interpreters or Translator I nterpreters convert the spoken word from one language to another. Translators do the same with written information. Not only are individuals who pursue this career required to be fluent in both the source and target language, they must also be knowledgeable about both cultures, and the subject matter. Although a bachelors degree isnt required to be an interpreter or translator, most employers prefer to hire applicants who have one. It doesnt have to be in a foreign language, though- it can instead be in any field of study. Specialized training is required to work in a hospital or courtroom. zentralwert Annual Salary (2018) $49,930 Number of People Employed (2016) 68,200 Projected Job Growth (2016-2026) 18% (much faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (2016-2026) 12,100 Foreign Language Post Secondary Teacher Post secondary teachers of foreign languages teach students above the high school level. They work in community colleges, vocational schools, and four-year colleges and universities. They must be able to read and write in the language in which they specialize, as well as instruct students to do the same. Most institutions require a doctorate in the language one teaches. Some community colleges and vocational schools may hire a candidate who has only a masters degree. zentralwert Annual Salary (2018) $67,640 Number of People Employed (2016) 35,000 Projected Job Growth (2016-2026) 12% (faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (2016-2026) 4,100 Flight Attendant A flight attendants primary responsibility is the safety of their crew and passengers. They respond to in-flight emergencies. They also tend to passengers comfort, serving them snacks, beverages, and sometimes meals. Many airlines favor job candidates who are bilingual or even multilingual. Some employers prefer applicants who have completed some college courses but, typically, only a high school diploma is needed. Airlines provide three to four weeks of formal training on a specific type of aircraft. Upon completion, a flight attendant must get certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Median Annual Salary (2018) $56,000 Number of People Employed (2016) 116,600 Projected Job Growth (2016-2026) 10% (faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (2016-2026) 11,900 Chef or Head Cook Chefs and head cooks prepare food in restaurants and other dining establishments. They also run kitchens, which includes supervising other workers. A working knowledge, if not fluency, in the language spoken by their staff will help them be effective managers. Chefs and head cooks do not need formal training and can instead learn on the job. However, some choose to attend culinary programs at community colleges, technical schools, culinary arts schools, or four-year colleges. One may also do an apprenticeship. Median Annual Salary (2018) $48,460 Number of People Employed (2016) 146,500 Projected Job Growth (201 6-2026) 10% (faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (2016-2026) 14,100 Registered Nurse Registered nurses, also called RNs, care for patients who are ill or recovering from surgery or injuries. Being bilingual can help them in this endeavor. Some positions require it, and it is preferable for others. RNs need a diploma or associate or bachelors degree in nursing. To practice, one must graduate from an accredited program and pass a national licensing exam. Median Annual Salary (2018) $71,730 Number of People Employed (2016) Over 2.9 million Projected Job Growth (2016-2026) 15% (much faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (2016-2026) 438,100 Doctor Doctors diagnose and then treat patients injuries and illnesses. Like other healthcare professionals, their ability to communicate with patients and their families can benefit from proficiency in a foreign language. To become a doctor, also called a physician, one must attend medical school after graduating from college. Medical school graduates must then complete a three to eight-year residency. Doctors must be licensed. Median Annual Salary (2018) $208,000 Number of People Employed (2016) 713,800 Projected Job Growth (2016-2026) 13% (faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (2016-2026) 91,400 Mental Health Counselor Mental health counselors treat people who have emotional and mental disorders, as well as addictions. To communicate with their clients, fluency in a foreign language may be helpful and even required by some employers. A masters degree in a mental health-related field of study is necessary to be a mental health counselor. Options include clinical mental health counseling, social work, or psychology. A state-issued license is required. Median Annual Salary (2018) $44,630 Number of People Employed (2016) 157,700 Projected Job Growth (2016-2026) 23% (much faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (20 16-2026) 36,500 Physician Assistant A physician assistant, commonly called a PA, is a primary care professional who examines, diagnoses, and treats patients. Knowledge of a second language can be beneficial. To enter this field, one must earn a masters degree from an accredited PA training program after graduating from a four-year college. A professional license is required to practice in all states and the District of Columbia. Median Annual Salary (2018) $108,610 Number of People Employed (2016) 106,200 Projected Job Growth (2016-2026) 37% (much faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (2016-2026) 39,600 Marketing Manager A marketing manager is in charge of an organizations entire marketing team. They predict demand, identify markets, set prices, and develop ways to promote products and services. Fluency in a foreign language, as well as cultural knowledge, is required when marketing products and services abroad. Most employers require a bachelors degr ee in marketing. Courses in business law, computer science, finance, management, and economics make a job candidate more competitive. Median Annual Salary (2018) $134,290 Number of People Employed (2016) 218,300 Projected Job Growth (2016-2026) 10% (faster than the average for all occupations) Projected Jobs Added (2016-2026) 22,100

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4 Tips for Becoming a Better Team Player

4 Tips for Becoming a Better Team Player 4 Tips for Becoming a Better Team Player There is a reason these are common interview questions all employers want employees who are gruppe players. No one can achieve greatness completely on their own, and most companies are looking foremployees who know this to be true.The best candidates are those who canhighlight their own successes as well as praise others for theirs. These candidates will go on to become the kind of employees whorecognize that success is always better achieved through teamwork.Are you bedrngnis much of a team player yourself? Or maybe youre just worried that youre starting to get a little self-centered and need a brief refresher course. Whatever the case, here are four tips to help you become a better team player and, as a result, become the kind of employee organizations will fight for.1. Its Not WhatYou Say, but How You Say ItThis is a simple, but important one. Consider your word choice when interacting with your c olleagues. Choosing to say we instead of I is a small gesture, but its a gesture that can go a long way in recognizing the contributions of others.At my company,City Wide Franchise, we have all become accustomed to referring to the whole group, rather than to certain individuals. Communicating in this waystrengthens our bonds and gives us greater purpose.2. Keep All Lines of Communication OpenWhether you communicate with your team through email, weekly webinars, team meetings, or one-on-one meetings, its important that you use some method to foster ongoing, clear, and consistent communication. Doing so ensures that nothing gets lost in translation and that everyone is held accountable to deadlines.AtCity Wide Franchise, we use a tool called Asana, which is designed to help teams collaborate more efficiently. Instead of using email, we create projects,assign tasks to team members, and track progredienz through an online dashboard.3. Have an Open MindsetNothing ever goes exactly as pl anned. This is especially true when it comes to working in a group environment. One team member can present a new approach that changes the direction of an entire project.Rather than challenging or contradicting opposing viewpoints, an effective team player will demonstrate flexibility, embrace change, and show a willingness to try something new and different.4 Dont Forget to CelebrateGreat team players celebrate the successes of their teammates.One way to recognize fellow teammates is to include a shoutouts section in the company newsletter, where team members and team leaders can acknowledge their colleagues great work. Another effective recognition tool is to set aside some time during team meetings for team members to stand up and acknowledge their coworkers efforts.It is incrediblyimportant to celebrate team victories. At City Wide Franchise, we hold a monthly scorecard meeting that we use to measure and share group and company-wide successes. We also host off-site celebrations to show our appreciation for groups that exceed expectations.Its not hard to be a team player, and learning to become one will help you advance your career to new heights. Really, its all about refocusing your mindset stop thinking about yourself as an individual at work, and start thinking about yourself as an important part of an overall team. Do this, and youll make a name for yourself as a real asset to your company.

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Military Medical Enlistment Standards for Dental Issues

Military Medical Enlistment Standards for Dental IssuesMilitary Medical Enlistment Standards for Dental IssuesWhen you go to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station)or yourDoDMERB (The Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board) to get medically screened for service as an enlisted member of an officer in the military, you will be fully examined from head to toe.Your vision, hearing, blood pressure, blood work, and even your teeth and much more will be fully screened to see if you have any medically related issue that prevents you from being able to fulfill your time of service. Disqualifying Issues in a Dental Exam The disqualifying medicalconditions of the mouth and jaw are listed below. The International Classification of Disease (ICD) codes are listed in parentheses following each standard.The causes for rejection for appointment, enlistment, and induction (without an approved waiver) are an authenticated history of the following issues. If you had any disease i n the mouth area that now prohibits you from chewing or swallowing will be disqualifying. Jaw Diseases or Tissues Preventing prototyp Function Current diseases of the jaws or associated tissues that prevent normal functioning are disqualifying. Those diseases include, but are not limited to temporomandibular disorders (524.6) and/or myofascial pain that has not been corrected. Congenital or Injury That Prohibits From Chewing Normally If you had any congenital or another injury that now prohibits you from chewing normally and cannot be surgically repaired, that will be disqualifying. You will have to get the surgery before you enter the service this apply for a waiver to enter the service, but as long as the chewing issue is corrected and is a procedure that you can request a waiver, then the chances of entering service are increased. Severe Malocclusion Current severe malocclusion (524), which interferes with normal mastication or requires early and protracted treatment, or a relationship between the mandible and maxilla that prevents satisfactory future prosthodontic replacement is disqualifying. Disease or Injury That Caused Removal of Adult Teeth If you had any disease or injurythat caused the removal of adult teeth and now prohibits you from chewing normal food will be disqualifying. If dental implants are used to correct the missing teeth, the procedure to correct will be reviewed by the military medical profession to make certain there are no potential complications in future use. If the procedure is approved and no issues reported then a waiver may be submitted.Approval for that waiver will be pending a medical review board. Insufficient Natural Healthy Teeth Current insufficient natural healthy teeth (521) or lack of a serviceable prosthesis that prevents adequate incision and mastication of a normal diet and/or includes complex (multiple fixtures) dental implant systems with associated complications are disqualifying. Cavitiesin th e teeth that have been filled or will be filled will not be disqualifying. However, you cannot be sworn in unless all cavities or other dental repairs are treated. Individuals undergoing endodontic care are acceptable for entry in the Delayed Entry Program only if a civilian or military versorger provides documentation that active endodontic treatment will be completed prior to being sworn into active duty. Orthodontic Appliances If you have braces onyour teeth and still undergoing treatment from an orthodontist, you will not be allowed to join the military.If you have braces, you can still join the Delayed Entry Program but until the removal of the braces/orthodontic fixtures, you cannot be sworn into the military. Current orthodontic appliances for continued treatment (V53.4) are disqualifying. Retainer appliances are permissible, provided all active orthodontic treatment has been satisfactorily completed. Individuals undergoing orthodontic care are acceptable for enlistment i n the Delayed Entry Program only if a civilian or military orthodontist provides documentation that active orthodontic treatment will be completed prior to being sworn into active duty. Derived from Department of Defense (DOD) Directive 6130.3, Physical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, and Induction, and DOD Instruction 6130.4, Criteria and Procedure Requirements for Physical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in the Armed Forces.