Friday, December 20, 2019

4 Tips for Becoming a Better Team Player

4 Tips for Becoming a Better Team Player 4 Tips for Becoming a Better Team Player There is a reason these are common interview questions all employers want employees who are gruppe players. No one can achieve greatness completely on their own, and most companies are looking foremployees who know this to be true.The best candidates are those who canhighlight their own successes as well as praise others for theirs. These candidates will go on to become the kind of employees whorecognize that success is always better achieved through teamwork.Are you bedrngnis much of a team player yourself? Or maybe youre just worried that youre starting to get a little self-centered and need a brief refresher course. Whatever the case, here are four tips to help you become a better team player and, as a result, become the kind of employee organizations will fight for.1. Its Not WhatYou Say, but How You Say ItThis is a simple, but important one. Consider your word choice when interacting with your c olleagues. Choosing to say we instead of I is a small gesture, but its a gesture that can go a long way in recognizing the contributions of others.At my company,City Wide Franchise, we have all become accustomed to referring to the whole group, rather than to certain individuals. Communicating in this waystrengthens our bonds and gives us greater purpose.2. Keep All Lines of Communication OpenWhether you communicate with your team through email, weekly webinars, team meetings, or one-on-one meetings, its important that you use some method to foster ongoing, clear, and consistent communication. Doing so ensures that nothing gets lost in translation and that everyone is held accountable to deadlines.AtCity Wide Franchise, we use a tool called Asana, which is designed to help teams collaborate more efficiently. Instead of using email, we create projects,assign tasks to team members, and track progredienz through an online dashboard.3. Have an Open MindsetNothing ever goes exactly as pl anned. This is especially true when it comes to working in a group environment. One team member can present a new approach that changes the direction of an entire project.Rather than challenging or contradicting opposing viewpoints, an effective team player will demonstrate flexibility, embrace change, and show a willingness to try something new and different.4 Dont Forget to CelebrateGreat team players celebrate the successes of their teammates.One way to recognize fellow teammates is to include a shoutouts section in the company newsletter, where team members and team leaders can acknowledge their colleagues great work. Another effective recognition tool is to set aside some time during team meetings for team members to stand up and acknowledge their coworkers efforts.It is incrediblyimportant to celebrate team victories. At City Wide Franchise, we hold a monthly scorecard meeting that we use to measure and share group and company-wide successes. We also host off-site celebrations to show our appreciation for groups that exceed expectations.Its not hard to be a team player, and learning to become one will help you advance your career to new heights. Really, its all about refocusing your mindset stop thinking about yourself as an individual at work, and start thinking about yourself as an important part of an overall team. Do this, and youll make a name for yourself as a real asset to your company.

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